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SHRI VILAKSH ENTERPRISES (ISO 9001:2015 & CE Certified Company), is a coordinated organization, which offers therapeutic items like Ultrasound Gel, Sonographic Gel, ECG Gel, and Cardiac Monitoring Gel, and is recognized as a dependable maker and broker in the market. The organization is resolved to supply the best Ultrasound Gel, Sonographic Gel, ECG Gel, and Cardiac Monitoring Gel, and different items to its customers, which has unique highlights. The name of the association is profoundly acclaimed among exporters and merchants of a wide assortment of pharmaceutical items. The organization's aptitude in the generation of astounding combination and top of the line examination in the market helped in increasing wide acknowledgement in the pharmaceutical business. The firm holds a solid position in the residential market for performing viably as far as an abnormal state of generation and a considerable rundown of customers.

Why Us?

We are focused on advancing social insurance and prosperity of individuals for which we have started our business. The positive criticism from our customers has spurred us much and made us feel glad for ourselves. We have been the principal decision of the purchasers since we have set up our organization, on account of our quality and opportune administrations. Furthermore, there are some different highlights our firms which have included us among the most reliable business beliefs:
  • Remarkable assembling offices
  • Joining of present-day innovation in the assembling unit
  • Collisions with solid and dependable sellers for crude material
  • Huge appropriation organize
  • Ideal Warehousing Facility
  • Brief conveyance framework
Warehousing Facility

As we are a noticeable organization, we have set up our very own warehousing office in light of which we can convey different relegation's on time. Our distribution centre unit is based on a huge region which is reachable from railroad stations, interstates and aeroplane terminal in Kanpur, and as a result of it, the apportioning of the committal turns out to be simple and achieved the customers in a limited capacity to focus time. There are reconnaissance cameras introduced in all aspects of the unit, to stay away from any sort of removal and robbery. The flat and vertical rack helps in the safe change of the bundles in a constrained space. Plus, it is fitted with tremendous LED lights which help the representatives to work around evening time with appropriate inconceivability. There are fireplaces and windows to keep up appropriate ventilation and temperature so the restorative items stay crisp till they achieve the purchasers. Furthermore, a group of cleaners has been contracted, which is in charge of keeping up neatness in the warehousing unit.

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